2016 New Lumintop SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) flashlight Review

The SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) is a high-output flashlight by Lumintop with a new Cree XP70 emitter. This model has a 4×18650 throw light with a large head and a heavily-textured deflector. The reflector’s texture on this Lumintop model is designed to provide a smoother beam and a smaller footprint. Compared to the Acebeam K60, for instance, the SD75 provides a larger light, overall, due to its deeper reflector, the emitter, and the refletor’s texture. The body is made from high strength aerospace aluminium alloy with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade, hard-anodised finish. It offers a very good grip and a nice feeling in the palm of your hand. 



The SD75 Lumintop has several useful and handy features. On the body, there is a metal attachment unit that, when removed, leaves a mounting point for a tripod. Under the tail cap of the SD75, there is an AC charging dock to charge the batteries inside the light. There is also a button, which will give you a readout of the light’s charge status, when pushed. There are also two 5V USB ports with 1 amp and 2 amp outputs. The 2 amp output is for higher-drain devices such as iPads. The USB chargers can be turned on by pushing the charge status button. In the head section of the Lumintop SD75, there is a small disk that connects the flashlight’s head with the carrier. The construction of the carrier is very solid. The SD75 is powered by four cells that are inserted into the carrier and, as mentioned above, can be charged while inside the unit. 


Operating the SD75 is somewhat different from other flashlight brands. In order to turn the unit you have to press and hold the power button. Subsequent clicks will switch between three light modes: low, medium, and high. The flashlight has mode memory, which means that it will turn on into the last mode when it was turned off. In addition, this Lumintop flashlight has a hidden strobe mode, which can be activated by double-clicking the power button. The Lumintop SD75 runs for 2 hours and 41 minutes on high mode (4000 lumens), 8 hours and 20 minutes on medium mode (1800 lumens), and 50 hours on low mode (150 lumens).


You can charge the SD75 flashlight by plugging in the adapter, which comes with a charging brick. Upon plugging the charger into the dock, the red light will go on, indicating that the unit is charging, while the green lights show the current power on the batteries. On the charging brick there is a light that will turn red when the device is charging and green when the charger is getting power, but the device is not charging. 


The SD75 flashlight comes in a sturdy, metal hinged presentation case. Inside, there is a user’s manual as well as a 12V car adapter and a USB floodlight that can be plugged into the USB port on the flashlight. Overall, the Lumintop SD75 is a high-outlet, heavy-duty flashlight that can be useful for tasks where having a flashlight plays a crucial role.


The more about LUMINTOP SD75, Please click here: http://www.lumintop.com/sd75.html