A look at the Lumintop SD75

Hey Folks, let’s have a look today at the LUMINTOP SD75, the intensely bright and powerful light produced by Lumintop. This light is a beast – both in size and brightness (as well as stature). Obviously, the greatest likely asset to this light is, well, the light: that is the brightness, the lumens, the sheer candlepower. It comes in at a max of 4,000 lumens – for those not familiar with flashlights that translates to really really bright – twice as bright as most car headlamps. The brightest current light in my arsenal comes in at about 900 lumens, and when I break it out it’s the brightest light most of my friends have ever seen – the Lumintop SD75 blows that out of the water. The beam is certainly more of a spot beam, not a flood, but it still has enough flood to allow a little peripheral illumination. Although the max is 4,000 lumens, the SD75 has four settings: low – which will put out 150 lumens for 50+ hours of runtime; medium will give you 1800 lumens for a little over 8 hours; and of course the high setting will give you those 4,000 lumens for about two and a half hours. There is also a strobe setting that will give you those 4,000 lumens in all their seizure inducing glory. To turn on the light, one must hold down the power button for 2 seconds, after which point a click of the switch will toggle between low, medium, and high – the strobe can be activated by a simple double click of the button. I find the two-second hold to toggle on/off somewhat bothersome, but it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of the flashlight world. The light is powered by four 18650’s, the batteries are not included but this allows you to get the best and newest batteries when you buy it – I shouldn’t need to say it, but the higher the mAh value on the battery, the brighter and longer it’ll burn on a charge. What’s nice is you won’t have to invest more into an 18650 charger, as the SD75 comes with a USB charging port – and a power meter to boot – all concealed under the light’s tail cap.


A look at the Lumintop SD75


OK, so it’s a big light, but given the lumens it produces, it’s really not that big: 9 and a half inches, and weighing a couple of pounds – when you consider how clunky lights used to be that produced nowhere near this amount of light (I’m looking in your direction, MagLite!) it’s really a technological marvel. The light comes in some cool packaging: no plastic crap to contend with, just a big and beefy steel box that makes it look like a bit of high dollar research equipment. In the box the light comes in two parts – the head in one partition, the shaft in another – also in the box there’s an extra reading light that plugs into the light’s USB. Was there a huge demand for a reading light with this big lamp? Maybe, maybe not; but even so it’s useful for lounging in the tent at the end of the night and browsing some literature. Finally, the box sports some Lumintop advertisements and reading material, as well as a wall charger and cigarette lighter car charger.


The body of the SD75 is heavily knurled, which will likely come in good use given the light’s weight (and the sweat you’re likely to break into while lugging it around), and comes with both a strike bezel on the head and another raised bezel on the rear. The SD75 is already formidable enough as a defensive weapon, so the strike bezel is just icing on the cake, although the head bezel is definitely more gnarly than the rear one – the rear bezel may, in fact, be there to allow the light to stand on end better (not that there’s any implicit advantage to standing it up.) The rear bezel actually removes to reveal the charging ports and the charge indicator, and obviously it is good to have the bezel on to keep dust and grime out.


So, my thoughts on the light’s applications? If you’re just looking for a utility light for your glove box, this might now be the light for you – But if you’re hoping to light up something half a kilometer away, this light will do the job and do it well. I always enjoy lights with a good flooding function, but for a light this powerful the only conceivable use would be for a spot function – perhaps for nighttime hunting or search and rescue – and for this use it is undoubtedly a capable and illuminating addition to any arsenal. If you find yourself in the need for lighting invest in a Lumintop light today!


The More details: http://www.lumintop.com/sd75.html