Belarussian Client Visited Our Company

On April 19, 2013, our Belarussian client Vladimir visited our company and made technological exchanges.
Vladimir’s visit has been warmly received by our company’s senior leadership. After a guided tour of the production process of our company, Vladimir was deeply impressed by our production capacity, technical equipment and quality system. Vladimir fully affirmed the strength of our company.

During the visit, Vladimir showed his strong interest in our latest products, especially flashlights for hunting and diving. Vladimir expressed his strong intent to cooperate with us, and both parties negotiated relevant issues in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

At the end of the visit, our company presented Vladimir the TD15S and two sets of Lumintop T-shirts. Vladimir expressed his fondness for the gifts.
The visit has positively expanded our business in the Russian-speaking countries and laid a solid foundation for Lumintop to further expand international market share.


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