Chinese American Clients Visited Our Company

Lumintop welcomed our Chinese American clients Jason and his father yesterday (Nov. 8) after our Panama client’s visit and negotiation to Lumintop on Oct. 20th.

Jason is one of our old clients. On his visit, Jason planned to further know our latest products and examine our company’s strength.

Jason’s visit has been warmly received by our company leader. Jason showed his strong interest and passion to our latest products throughout communication and product demo. He further knew the detailed information about the products and expressed his strong intent to cooperate with us again. Both parties negotiated relevant issues in a cozy and pleasant environment.

According to his visit, Jason has further known our productivity and felt more confident about our product quality. Jason said he was happy to have made the visit to our company and thanked us for our warm and considerate reception.

The visit has not only enhanced cooperation between us and our old clients, but also raised our awareness through publicizing our latest products and the image of our company. The following cooperation issues are being discussed. We are certain that both parties will have an unforgetable cooperation once again in the near future!

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