Demystifying Lumintop worm


Lumintop Worm is an illuminating gadget that is commonly used to provide spotlight for various purposes. The worm operates under light with controlled current that is unheard with 1×AAA lights. In this article, we shall have a look at some of the crucial details concerning the worm:


History of Worm Rev

LUMINTOP Worm is found to have initially been brought alongside with Cree-XP R2 emitter, LOP-textured reflector as well as a black-O-ring in the lens. It resembles the ancient Alum. To some extent, LED was replaced by a Cree XP-G R5 emitter (with said super greenish tint as well as a moderate output of light). In order to show the emitter update, it was followed by installation of the GITD lens-O-ring. The driver disc was golden in color and was quite different from Altus red driver disc. Changing from XP-E R2 to XP-G R5 can be termed as an improvement giving the LUMINTOP Worm a  nice superior touch which is also since the LUMINTOP Worm is much costly and has been built with slight differences. The construction of Ali’s seen in 1:1 at stainless steel would lead into a pretty heavy worm. Therefore, in 2012 a Lumintop turned out to be much enhanced in terms of the LUMINTOP Worm, this time it was for sure. 

Nowadays it is brought to us as much improved; it has a 1A0 tint bin, a Cree XP-G R5 emitter, and increased output as well As a red driver disc. The GITD O-rings stuck into place as the reflector changed to SMO reflector, a complex design that is not quite easy to understand since imho has little lights and an enlarged LED, the utmost choice is one with OP-texture reflector to refine the irregularities of the beam profile, asymmetries or even the corona artifacts that are known to occur naturally through LED eccentricity as well as the form factor of the big LED. Essentially, the upgraded XP-G R5 singly with high output- nowadays the better tint is said to have made a significant improvement in the 2011 LUMINTOP Worm. However the improvement on the 2012 LUMINTOP Worm was even more unique.


The Lumintop Worm is a powerful little light5



The Design of LUMINTOP Worm

The design of the LUMINTOP Worm is distinctively peculiar and has some high level build quality. Even better, it has been made with a scratch -resistant surface that appears polished. It also possesses a firm attachment point at the keychain that has greatly reduced the chances of wobbliness especially at precision-machined threads. It is so easy for anyone to be convinced that this is solid, heavy construction that possesses a massive head weight of just the 34.5% guarantees it’s resistance to destruction and rugged nature which is normally not the main purpose of the LUMINTOP Worm version during construction. The rugged nature, drop and impact resistance are yet to be confirmed of this version. (ANSI FL-1 standard) can never be the same.


Product description

The manufacturers recommend that the ideal weight of the worm (Alum) should be 9 grams when keychain is absent and 17 g with presence of the keychain. It has a stunning design that resembles Ti (titanium lights. It holds up before the premium lights (1×AA lights). It possesses super-efficient w/superior driver with a constant regulation. It is current regulated, no PWM. It has improved tint bin with reduced green, 2012 version. Has higher output LED, 2012 version. ANSI FL-1, with standard rating. ANSI-FLU, with standard rating (outperformed)

It is amazingly bright at both levels (measures 681m/141m). Worm-like length runs (7.0+ hrs.). It has a super high battery quality. It possesses a fine construction with a potted driver. It also has a super long duration and hassle free warranty. It also has a firm attachment point of the key ring that is easy to seize with lips, fingers.


How it works

The worm is sold as anodized aluminum (colors include red, black, blue, yellow, purple and red) as well as in stainless steel. The LUMINTOP Worm and the ALU resemble each other in terms of rippled design and their performance because the PCN, LED, material’s thickness, tail, the weight, lens-O-ring as well as the packaged accessories that look quite different, therefore we need to differentiate between the two. LUMINTOP Worm and the ALU which is better to purchase? There is some distinctive difference in terms of details that could be crucial at your decision for purchase. E.g. weight difference.

The packaging of the cardboard is relatively awesome and welcome since it gives a person the feeling as if you are not acquiring the bulk-no-name (or XXX Fire light). Lumintop is clearly not a popular or prestigious brand imho and their name/ brand/ logo may seem cheap. However, they provide dealers of Lumintop at their program of sales. (Going gear, Light Junction, Tactical HID, EDC+, LED Flashlight, SBF Flashlights, TBF Flashlights).

Despite the fact that the emitter was upgraded and enhanced in both the LUMINTOP Worm and the ALU, the packaging remains the same old original box labeled as Cree XP-E-R2. Not even a single sticker states “Now has Cree XP-E R3” that is the same in order to display he changes. Accepting the new version of olighti3asreference and also noting that i3s brightness reduces within the no time just after starting while the real output of the Alum ANSI FL-1 Lumens is equal to 68 other Lumens. Additionally, the worm has proven to outsmart the i3 in terms of everything (impact resistance, Maximum light output, peak beam intensity, water resistance) apart from the Maximum Runtime (that is measured in 18hrs vs. measures 7 hrs.) in this case, the worm doesn’t have the ultralow low.

Looking at both cardboard boxes, they closely resemble each other in terms of Alum as well as the LUMINTOP Worm. However, color purple lacks in the checkbox and the version of Titanium has also never been produced.
The back cover instructions are such as the 13-digit wtf UPC as well as crucial contact details such as the Phone, email, fax and homepage.
1×0-ring Alum is supplied together with the ring of some medium size. LUMINTOP Worm comes alongside with the clamp-keychain-mini split ring combo but lacks Tue 0-ring wtf.



Although the super tight hotspot might not be the pattern of optical beam for long durations, one may still prefer a more uniform and broad illumination that may be used for (reading comics particularly as well as iTP A3, Preon not forgetting the worm LUMINTOP Worm). As a result of the variety of color choices as well as superb packaging, the worm has managed to attract many customers. Generally, it can be said to be a simple but exciting illuminating gadget, torch. It has potent to last you for seasons without end as it has been designed using materials that are strong enough hence durable.

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