copper tool aaa

Copper Tool AAA Write Up

Without a doubt, the Copper Tool AAA is the very best flashlight in the world. It is powerful, bright and effective. Here are just a few of the specifications it offers! Tail Switch  The main thing astounding about the tail switch on the Tool is that it has what I consider a practically perfect feel … Continue reading Copper Tool AAA Write Up

Lumintop Copper Tool AAA

When you think about flashlights you don’t typically think about Copper – Plastic: definitely, Aluminum: sure, steel: every once in a while. But Copper is something typically reserved for pennies. Not anymore: the Lumintop Copper Tool AAA bucks the trend and gives you a beautiful new light in all its brazen glory. It comes in … Continue reading Lumintop Copper Tool AAA

LUMINTOP Copper Tool AAA Flashlight

Copper Tool AAA

The LUMINTOP TOOL AAA Copper is a special wonderful Gift customized for flashlight enthusiastic fans. At the same time, it is also a super bright useful AAA keychain flashlight.

Firstly, the body is made of solid billet ultra conductive pure copper with knurling & polishing finish, which brings dazzling golden glow. To avoid oxidation, the flashlight is shipped via vacuum package. Here one point is must be mentioned: the pure copper will change its color slowly because of oxidation when exposing in the air and what is the most awesome and surprising thing is its color will show much different by frequently play, which is loved by amounts of flashlight enthusiasts. Besides, Tool AAA Copper has Glow-in-the-Dark front O-ring around reflector, what is a fantastic experience.

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