2016 New Lumintop SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) flashlight Review

The SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) is a high-output flashlight by Lumintop with a new Cree XP70 emitter. This model has a 4×18650 throw light with a large head and a heavily-textured deflector. The reflector’s texture on this Lumintop model is designed to provide a smoother beam and a smaller footprint. Compared to the Acebeam K60, for … Continue reading 2016 New Lumintop SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) flashlight Review

A look at the Lumintop SD75

The light is powered by four 18650’s, the batteries are not included but this allows you to get the best and newest batteries when you buy it – I shouldn’t need to say it, but the higher the mAh value on the battery, the brighter and longer it’ll burn on a charge. What’s nice is you won’t have to invest more into an 18650 charger, as the SD75 comes with a USB charging port – and a power meter to boot – all concealed under the light’s tail cap.



You will be marveled at its excellent high reliability & durability and will find the design is workable for a 2+ pound light. The case is made of high strength aerospace aluminum alloy construction with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish, and the texture on the exterior of the light is handy for holding with cold/sweaty hands or even if you are wearing gloves. It is also waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters).

Thanks to the Direct Thermal Path Copper MCPCB(which improve heat dissipation effectively to extend the longevity of LED), consistent silo integrated structure and the ample heat dissipation fins, SD75 has the best heat dissipation at its super brightness.

Why the Lumintop SD75 is a must-have device?

The revolutionary and legendary SD75 creates a monster light, capable of producing a staggering 4000 lumens. It throws its light an amazing 650 meters. The SD75 is ideal for those involved in rescue and search missions, or those that work on land needing to light up vast areas. This tool will surely help you cut through darkness.

The SD75: Leading the Way in Flashlight Evolution

The SD75 is highest power brightest rechargeable LED flashlight introduced by Lumintop with an astonishing 4,000 lumens of brightness of the latest Cree XHP70 emitter. It is a long distance 652 meters waterproof USB searching flashlight used for search and rescue. The awesome product utilizes the full-size front side button switch; you can make it work without difficulty. This light makes use of Direct Thermal Path Copper MCPCB as well as a consistent silo integrated structure which guarantee the greatest heat dissipation at fabulous brightness.

Lumintop SD75 flashlight- why is it the right choice for you?

Lumintop SD75  is known for their line of flashlights and I can say quality they offer is something that really separates them as leaders in this field. I will be completely honest and admit that I was little afraid and skeptical at first since this was the first time I purchased from them, but I … Continue reading Lumintop SD75 flashlight- why is it the right choice for you?

The Lumintop SD75: A Perfect Combination of Utility and Style

The Lumintop SD75 is a high quality flashlight, which gives several positive opportunities to many manufacturers. It can be used for showing light at far distances. It is handy, if you are in an emergency. The base is deep, and heavily textured, and comes with a high emitter, and aids in focusing to a high degree. It enables high output of light. It is highly suitable for throw applications, as it shapes light at a distance up to 652 meters, enabled by the deep micro textured reflector. The bulb is Cree XHP70 led. Lumintop SD75 utilizes precisely a 50,000- hour lifetime. The amount of hours Lumintop SD75 can run varies, based on how many lumens are in place. With 4000 lumens, Lumintop SD75 can run for 2.68 hours. If a Lumintop SD75 has 1800 lumens, it can run for 8.33 hours. If a Lumintop SD75 has 150 lumens, it can run for 50 hours.

Lumintop SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650) Charging/Rechargeble Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS+

The SD75 is a new light from Lumintop, featuring the high-output Cree XHP70 emitter in a large throwy build. Other interesting features are the ability to charge 4×18650 right inside the light, and the option to use the battery pack to charge external devices through the included USB ports.

LUMINTOP SD75 XHP70 4000 Lumens great price

Lumintop SD75 Rechargeable High Output Flashlight: 1) Utilizes a latest CREE XHP70 LED with 50,000-hour lifetime 2) Output mode / Runtime: High: 4000lumens, Mid: 1800 lumens , Low: 150lumens/50hours 3) 4 modes: Low(Default)-Mid-High-Strobe 4) Boasts a peak beam intensity of 106,200 cd and a throw distance of up to 652 meters 5) Runs on: 4 … Continue reading LUMINTOP SD75 XHP70 4000 Lumens great price

The Lumintop SD75: A Perfect Combination of Utility and Style

If you’re looking for a flashlight to use for searching or other activities which require unbeatable durability and reliability, top-class technical specifications, and a host of handy extra features, then look no further. Lumintop’s SD75 combines great affordability with creative design and unfailing quality to bring you an exemplary flashlight which is the best in its class.

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