Reliable, Portable, Convenient – The Lumintop SD Mini

When it comes to flashlights, people have to compromise between performance and portability. High performance flashlights are usually big while small flashlights usually provide low performance. However, with the Lumintop SD Mini, you don’t have to compromise. The Lumintop SD Mini is a small, compact, rechargeable flashlight that can deliver an output of up to … Continue reading Reliable, Portable, Convenient – The Lumintop SD Mini

LUMINTOP SDmini Rechargeable Flashlight Release

Look around and we can say that it’s a world where every day news teemed with words like “violence” and “sexual assault”, where walking alone at night is much more dangerous than in the old days, where self-defense and self-protection awareness is of key significance and where flashlight, which can bring you a beam of … Continue reading LUMINTOP SDmini Rechargeable Flashlight Release

LUMINTOP SDmini Flashlight


You’re laying your eyes on SDmini — a USB rechargeable EDC flashlight delivery max 1000lumens output with only one 18650 battery. Also We provide both high output Cree XML2 and XPL HI LED available for your choice.

Black aluminum alloy construction with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish made SDmini looks classic and cool while the silver stainless steel clip and switch edge feels natural and comfortable. Look more closely, you may find the diamond-cut knurling with intersection pattern very chic and exquisite. Compared to other EDC flashlights that only use a 18650 battery, SDmini is definitely smaller and more portable at just 4.29”long and weighing less than 3.11oz. The side USB port is cleverly set on the tube body without affecting the overall appearance. You can charge SDmini without replacing the battery whenever and wherever you want with a USB cable at hand. So we can call it a convenient and eco-friendly design. The light head and tail is intentionally designed to be hard and solid, which ensures the light not only stands up securely without too much wear, but functions as the hammer that can hit the glass in an emergency situation such as being locked in the car. The drop-like anti rolling design on thermal dissipation zone is not only an interesting ornament but makes sure the light doesn’t fall down when lying on the table. Moreover, the attached reversible clip makes sure the light can be used in various occasions.

Last but not least, what sets SDmini apart from traditional flashlight is that it enjoys 7 modes. Except the most common low, medium, high, ultra-high gear, SDmini can also be used as the warning lamp. Pressing and holding the side switch you can adjust the light into strobe, SOS, and signal flashing mode. When in danger, you can, for one hand, shed the light directly to the eyes of the bad guy and for other hand use the warning blinking pattern asking for HELP.

Hold the SDmini in hand, you will feel the utmost comfort and security.

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