Rechargeable Multifunction EDC flashlight


Geek, born and designed for the enthusiastic pursuit of ultimate craft and superior quality, which combine the multiple technology and functions in an extremely compact size. Aluminum alloy with CNC integrated processing creates a solid and reliable body. Key shape design, compact in size allows one hand easily control. Dual lights lighting with a max 350 lumens output, provides more lighting manners options in your camping, walking, reading or EDC gears etc.. Built-in lithium polymer battery and Micro USB charging design allows easy to charge the light without a charger. Battery and charging indicator on the side shows the approximately battery percentage clearly in green, blue or red. Dual switches operation, lock-out function, big key holder, IPX-6 waterproof classification, all these make Geek a masterpiece in the industry.


  1. Auto key structure design, compact and multifunctional
  2. Utilizes Cree XP-L HD LED for front light, and high CRI Nichia LED for side light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  3. 4 output levels plus Strobe, SOS and Beacon for front light, two modes set for side light
  4. Max 43 hours runtime under Moonlight mode
  5. Micro USB rechargeable with charging indicator
  6. Battery level and low power indicator
  7. Built-in 3.7V/530mAh Li-polymer battery
  8. Dual switch for one hand operation
  9. Lock-out function to prevent accidentals activations
  10. Made of aircraft aluminum alloy with CNC integrated processing
  11. Classical Ferrari red color highlights its noble and luxury characteristics
  12. 2 years free repair, limited lifetime warranty
  13. Operation:

Front light: Click the power switch to turn ON/OFF; when the light is on, click the function switch to cycle through Moonlight-Low-Med-High with memory function.
Flash mode: When the light is on, double clicks the function switch to enter Strobe, another click the function switch to cycle through Strobe-SOS-Beacon.
Side light Mode 1: When the light is on, press and hold the function switch for 1.5 seconds to enter side light, another click will cycle through Low-Med-High.
Side light Mode 2: When the light is off, press and hold the function switch for 3 seconds till the front light flash, long press for 3 seconds to exit. Under mode 2, same method with front light for on/off and output selections.
Lock-out /Unlock: Under any status, press and hold the two switch simultaneously over 3 seconds till the front light flash, then release and lock-out the light. And vice-reverse to unlock the light and will turn on with memory mode.
Under lock-out status, click or press the power switch will light up the front light on Med until release.


Front Light

Side Light

Mode 1

Mode 2


High: 350lm/30min
Med: 125lm/1h 50min
Low: 25lm/9h15min
Moonlight: 1lm/43h
Strobe/SOS/Beacon: 350lm

High: 350lm/1h 50min
Med: 15lm/5h 40min
Low: 3lm/18h

High: 5lm/12h
Low: 1lm/26h
Eco: 0.2lm/34h


70m (Max)


1225cd (Max)










Built-in 3.7V/530mAh Li-polymer battery


1* Geek, 1*User manual, 1*Warranty card, 1*Lanyard



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