How to Shed Light on your Investigation with LUMINTOP SD4A

If you are in law enforcement or other professions where having a consistent light source is essential, you may want to take a closer look at the SD4A flashlight from Lumintop. This flashlight has many advantages over similar flashlights. These include its light weight, durable construction and high light output. The SD4A weighs in at a light 6.28 oz and measures 4.41 inches from end to end. Its small size doesn’t keep it from producing a lot of light, though, as this flashlight can produce up to 1000 lumens of light output.

For anyone who is operating in low light conditions, being able to shed some extra light on your surroundings is essential. There are many different trades that would find a light like this to be very helpful when it comes to safely and successfully completing their duties. Military members, investigators, and different types of first responders would all benefit from having a light source such as this one.

The manufacturers wanted their light to be durable enough to withstand some rough treatment while still being lightweight enough that it would not weigh someone down or cause hand or arm fatigue. They did this by using a body made from aerospace aluminum alloy. This allows the body to withstand a lot of damage without warping or bending. They coated this aluminum alloy with a hard-anodized, military-grade finish that gives it a great look that will not degrade or scratch even when it is used on a daily basis. 

The exterior of the light has a beautiful and stylish look to it thanks to the knurling present on the outer casing. There is also a lanyard hole on the unit as well but this has been chamfered so that it is virtually invisible and does not weaken the structure of the unit. 
The design of the light is such that it is highly functional as well as attractive. A person is able to utilize the many functions of the light while only using one hand and the light can be locked if the buttons are depressed and then held for longer than 2 seconds. The flashlight is also versatile thanks to the multi-battery functionality. It normally uses 4 AA batteries but if a user has purchased the extra battery sleeve the unit can run on other types of batteries as well.

Lumintop has also considered how to dissipate the heat that this unit produces. They found a way to increase the size of the heat dissipation zone in order to ensure that the unit does not create as much of a noticeable heat profile. This can be very helpful if the SD4A is used in areas where night-vision goggles may be utilized. In order to produce the maximum amount of light possible, the SD4A uses both Cree XM-L2(U2) and Cree XP-L HI LED lights. 
If you need a dependable light that is extremely bright and which will not let you down, you may want to consider the SD4A search flashlight by Lumintop. It can make operating in low light conditions much easier and safer than it has been in the past.