Light Your Way With The TD16-XPL

An upgrade to the popular tactical TD15S flashlight, the LUMINTOP TD16-XPL is an impressive, all-powerful flashlight. From the large, easy to find side button switch to the push-button tactical tail switch and the hard rubber tactical grip ring, the LUMINTOP TD16-XPL is both stylish and classy, carefully designed around convenience and ease of use, while at the same time delivering exemplary performance. Let’s take a look at what makes this the best tactical flashlight for outdoor exploration and outdoor use.


With an overall length of 153.6mm, the TD16-XPL is fairly sized tactical flashlight that fits comfortably in the hand. Its head and tail bezels are made of stainless steel, while its body is made of aluminum. At its center is a tactical grip ring made out of hard rubber to give proper and comfortable grip. At the top of this TD16 is a stainless steel bezel that holds in place a double sided AR coated ultra clear glass lens. The head of the flashlight is ornately designed with nicely machined fins that are free of any sharp edges, with four thumb cutouts machined on these fins. The circumference of the head also has a well machined row of gripping grooves that give it a beautiful look. These grooves do come in handy when you need to unscrew the head of the flashlight.

The large round side button has been designed in such a way that it is easy to find by feel. Surrounding the switch is an elegant looking stainless steel bezel. At the back of the TD16 is a tail cap which is nicely machinated with a series of shallow grooves. The tail cap also features a removable stainless steel bezel with a chamfered lanyard hole and thumb cutouts that give you access to the push-button tactical tail switch. LUMINTOP TD16 also features a removable tactical ring that is made of hard silicone, as well as a detachable pocket clip.

The TD16-XPL was built with a performance output to match its superior design. The most impressive feature when it comes to its performance is the throw. As a direct result of quality reflector design, the TD16-XPL is able to achieve a throw of an amazing 531 meters. The light comes with 6 light modes – Low, mid, high, strobe, flash and slow flash – with an intelligent memory function that recalls the last mode you used before switching off the light. In the low mode, this light achieves an output of 46.5 lumens, with a runtime of 40 hours. In the mid mode, it is capable of achieving an output of 207.8 lumens and a runtime of 8.7 hours. The high mode produces an output of 1049 lumens, with a runtime of 2.2 hours. There is also the strobe mode, which also gives off 1049 lumens and is capable of running for 4.5 hours.

The TD16-XPL offers a maximum beam intensity of 50800 CD. It has been built to be impact resistant when dropped from a height of up to 1.5 meters. Additionally, this impressive tactical flashlight is also water resistant up to a depth of 2 meters, so there’s nothing to worry about if it happens to fall into a puddle during your nighttime outdoor adventures. The TD16-XPL also has great thermal management, ensuring that it doesn’t overheat, regardless of the mode you are using or the amount of time it has been running. To top everything off, it offers a very user friendly user interface that allows you to easily switch between the different modes.


From the looks department to the performance department, the TD16-XPL is really the tactical light of choice for use in different situations. It has been nicely designed with fantastic machining and finish, offers amazing throw for such a small light, feels comfortable, even with gloved hands, has a strong and detachable pocket clip in case you need to put it away for a while, the user interface is very user friendly, it offers excellent heat management, and to wrap it all up, it comes in great packaging. Clearly, you can never go wrong with the TD16-XPL.