Lumintop Easter Festival Offer – Lumintop Egg

The annual Easter is approaching! This year Easter will be celebrated on Sunday March 31, 2013. At this great and cheerful festival, while adults gather to enjoy a hearty Easter breakfast, children are agog for Easter eggs and surprises given by Easter Bunny as usual.



As we all know, Easter eggs have become indispensable gifts given on Easter due to its connotation of “rebirth”. For this Easter, Lumintop has also designed and produced fabulous golden eggs – Lumintop Egg.


Unlike traditional Easter eggs, Lumintop Egg has not only ornamental and play value but also function – lighting. With sufficient heat dissipation, its high output may be up to 230 lumens, and its beam distance may range over 66m. Its operation is handy: A. tighten/loosen the head to switch the light on/off; B. repeatedly rotate the head to switch between 3 output modes: Low, Medium and High. C. turn on the light again after 3 seconds off, its mode will reset to Low.


Put such a golden Easter egg in your hand, you’ll find that it is really goodlooking and interesting. Undoubtedly, Lumintop Egg adds vigor and color to traditional Easter egg games. There is no doubt that Lumintop Egg is a great choice no matter you gift it to children or flashaholics.

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