Lumintop Has Adopted XM-L2 LED to Increase Lumen Output Up to 20%

Recently, Lumintop has adopted Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED for the original TD15X, ED20 and PS20.

Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED builds on the unprecedented performance of the original XM-L, increasing lumen outpout up to 20% while providing a single die LED point source for precise optical control. XLamp XM-L2 LEDs are the ideal choice for lighting applications where high light output and maximum efficacy are required.

After using Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED, for Lumintop PS20 and ED20, an initial high output of 480 lumens has increased to 570 lumens, and an initial low output of 15 lumens has increased to 18 lumens; meanwhile, for TD15X, an intial high output of 720 lumens has increased to 860 lumens, and an initial low output of 20 lumens has increased to 25 lumens. Runtime remains the same.

From March 6, 2013 (Wednesday), the new and the old version TD15X, ED20 and PS20 are estimated to be supplied simultaneously according to market demand.

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