Lumintop HL01 Global Testing Campaign (Closed)

Lumintop HL01 Global Testing Campaign

Lumintop has successfully developed its first headlamp with latest XM-L2 U2 LED, that is, Lumintop HL01, which will be launched soon. In order to make the enthusiasts be the first ones to experience Lumintop new product, we are now collecting those who are interested in participating in Lumintp HL01 Global Testing Campaign. Lumintop will select some participants to test the HL01 (finished products) which will be sent for free. Look forward to your participation and support!

1.Lumintop HL01 Description

Lumintop HL01 is a multifunctional headlamp applying the latest cree XM-L2 U2 LED(Nature white and white light available). Lumintop HL01 turns a 18650 battery into a powerful flashlight with an 610-lumen max output, max 150h runtime with more than 100 meters shot range. Waterproof to IPX-8 standard can protect the headlamp well underwater 2 meters. Three light modes plus strobe meet your different illumination needs. Taking long runtime into consideration, you have 0.8-lumen ultra low lighting mode of HL01 for 30days continue using outdoor. Light weight is another feature for such high power headlamp. So we believe lumintop HL01 will be your choice for your outdoor adventure.

best_headlamp_hl01_lumintop_002 best_headlamp_hl01_lumintop_005

2. Declaration of the Testing Campaign

2.1 Registration Period: 23th July,2014 – 5th Aug.,2014

2.2 Please download the global testing application form from website

2.3 Please follow the Lumintop Facebook page ( and fill out the application form, send it back to lumintop

2.4 Lumintop will send the HL01 (finished products) for free to the participants who are selected to test the HL01,after they receive the flashlight, they need to test it and publicize the reports on the relevant media according to lumintop requirements.

2.5 Announcement of the qualified tester list

Time: 7th Aug.,2014


Face book:

2.6 It is preliminarily decided that the HL01 will be sent out at the beginning of August, 2014 (depending on the shipment condition),and the mailing fees for the HL01 will be paid by Lumintop.

3. Requirements for the Testers and the testing report  

3.1 Requirements for the Testers
A. All kinds of fans, including outdoor sports enthusiasts or consumers who can write reviews or reports for  flashlights, edit them with words and pictures, or take videos when they are testing the flashlight.
B. Individuals that have already posted more than one review (including but not limited to flashlights)
C. Individuals who can post their testing reports on more than one internet media or other relevant, such as the websites or forums of flashlight, outdoor, photography, magazines and newspapers etc.

3.2The contents of your reports should include:
A. Description and your personal feeling of the product;
B. Images and video of the products, including appearance, function, details and trial run environment;
C. Description of the testing environment and process;
D. Description of the merits and shortcomings of the product and advices

3.3Requirements for writing and publishing the testing report

A. Testers should publicize the report on one or more internet media or other relevant media, such as the website of outdoor, flashlight, photography, magazines and newspapers etc. within 20 days after receiving the HL01, and send the relevant link to Lumintop by email for our reference.

4. Notice

4.1 Lumintop will contact those selected testers by sending emails. If no replies are received within seven working days, we’ll regard them as giving up testing the Lumintop product.
4.2. Lumintop has the ownership of the testing report provided by the selected testers (including words, images, videos, etc).
4.3 Lumintop reserves the rights of final interpretation of this testing campaign.


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