Lumintop SD10 (XM-L2, 1xD, 3xAA, 1×26650 32650) Flashlight Review-Selfbullt

Lumintop SD10 (2nd generation, NW emitter)

Reviewer’s Overall Rating:  ★★★★☆


Battery: 1xD / 3xAA / 1×32650 / 1×26650 / 1×18650
Switch:  Electronic Side Clicky
Modes:  Low – Med – High – (Hidden Strobe)
LED Type:  XM-L2, neutral white 3C bin
Lens:  “Coated tempered glass”
Tailstands:  Yes
Retail Price:  $52.99
From:  Review Sample
Date Received:  19-OCT-2013


  • Incredibly versatile battery compatibility
  • Superb runtime
  • Generally excellent design and build quality
  • Beautiful neutral white tint now available
  • Smooth beam profile with new orange peel reflector
  • Tailstands perfectly
  • Mode memory
  • Cool illuminated switch with much improved tactile feel


  • Somewhat expensive
  • No reverse polarity protection and no orientation marking
  • Briefly holding switch to turn on/off feels unnatural
  • Hidden strobe mode can still be activated by accident



I have long preferred AA compatible flashlights due to the availability of AA cells almost everywhere. However, the D cell is quite possibly the most ubiquitous battery format around the world, being even more commonly available than AA batteries. I have personally seen zinc-carbon D cells being used in the remotest parts of the jungle, and they are commonly sold even in the smallest and poorest villages imaginable. As a flashlight enthusiast, I of course have a nice stock of alkaline, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries charged and ready to go at all times. However, something about the possibility of buying replacement cells absolutely anywhere in case of an emergency really appeals to me. However, the selection of D cell compatible flashlights unfortunately doesn’t really appeal to me. I find D Maglites to be too big and bulky to carry around, and single D cell flashlights have been virtually nonexistent up until now. Enter the Lumintop SD10. The minute I saw it in a post here on BLF I was immediately interested, and Lumintop was kind enough to provide me with two review samples. I also bought another one from Why three in total? Keep reading to find out…