Lumintop TD15X Crash Test

Lumintop Terminator TD15S Tactical/Military Weapon Light


Manufacturer’s Specifications

Model      High        Medium      Low        Strobe
Output      610LM    130LM       15LM      610LM
Runtime   1.5H         5H             60H         3H
Beam Distance:        231m
Impact Resistant:      2m
Waterproof:              IPX-8
Weight:                     5.3 ounces (150g)
Length:                      5.83 inches (148mm)
Bezel Diameter:       1.50 inches (38mm)
Body Diameter:        1 inches (25.4mm)
Battery Type:            2 x CR123A / 1 x 18650
Retail Price:             $98 for basic kit (light, holster and lanyard)
$118 for full weapons kit (basic plus remote switch, mount, and green filter)

Manufacturer’s Description

Military Flashlight Dual Switch TD15S
Lumintop TD15S is a variable-output flashlight that provides four modes of light output. It uses a super bright CREE XM-L U2 LED and a precision reflector to produce a consistently smooth beam at any level. By loosening and tightening the head to switch between four output levels – lowest for longest runtime at 15 lumens, highest for maximum light at 610 lumens, and strobe for tactical. Its pushbutton tail cap click switch provides secure, ergonomic activation control: press for momentary-on, click for constant-on. The TD15S’s crenellated strike bezel and scalloped tailcap provide further defensive options should the need arise.


1. 99% high-transparency tempered glass with anti-reflective coating.

2. Stainless steel crenelated Strike Bezel.

3. Aerospace aluminum body. Mil-Spec hard-anodized. O-ring Sealed.

4. Superb heat release system provides excellent heat transport capacity.

5. High ductility steel clip provides multiple carry options.

6. Combat Ring with anti-rolling design.

7. Tactical tailcap switch, press for momentary-on, click for constant-on.


1.Tactical tailcap switch press for momentary-on, click for constant-on.

2.Tail side switch click for changing modes.

Real World Impression

Now that We’ve seen Lumintop’s copy and claims, how well does it live up to it?  Pretty accurately, in fact, I think they under sell things a bit.  None of the promo photos or copy even mention all that is included in the amazingly complete and impressive kit they’ve put together for the TD15S.  What kind of stuff?  How about a most impressive green filter for night hunting, a variety of gun mounts, a remote pressure switch with two switch modes, and a removable and reversible pocket clip.  It’s a hell of a kit they put together here and until you purchase and receive it you have no idea all you are getting for the money.  All you need is a good battery and a charger (or some off the shelf primaries) and you have a great, well built weapon light with all you need no matter what you are mounting it on.


  • High quality design and construction.
  • Wonderful, smooth, fine square threading.
  • Narrow, focused center beam and spill especially for it’s size.
  • Smooth reflector but butter smooth spill.
  • Offset weapon mount included.  Mount model number is TM16 and also available separately.
  • Remote switch with separate full and momentary buttons.
  • Ultra clear lens with great AR coating.
  • Green lens filter (far more than just a green lens)
  • Heavy lanyard with lobster claw.
  • Excellent thermal transfer to ample finning.
  • Tactical forward clicky tail switch with very good feel.
  • Zero PWM in any mode
  • Hidden but easily access strobe that is truly nauseating (in other words – AWESOME)
  • Strobe can be accessed instantly when light is off.
  • Clean, smooth yet aggressive knurling.
  • Typical clean laser etching I expect from Lumintop
  • Clear, easy to follow User Manual in English
  • Excellent packaging.


  • Really needs a small strip of 3M super tape to be included to fasten the switch to a weapon.
  • Can be tough to locate electronic mode side-switch quickly by feel.

As you can see from my pros & cons list, there isn’t a whole lot I can find to NOT like about the TD15S.  The cons are really minimal and a bit picky.  Let’s have a closer look to find out why.

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