Lumintop Tool AAA reviews by bulgaria customer

I’m not good at reviews and I’ve just received this flashlight, but let’s share opinions about it in a separate thread.

So, first of all, I expected the older model with two modes, but got the new one, with three. Which made me happy. It starts on med, though, which made me unhappy. So it’s med>low>high. No strobe or crap like that.

Looks like a tough little light. It’s really compact and I’m happy it’s a 1xAAA clicky. Never had this exactly. So, a few pics.

Lumintop-Tool-AAA-reviews-by-bulgaria-customer-001 Lumintop-Tool-AAA-reviews-by-bulgaria-customer-002 Lumintop-Tool-AAA-reviews-by-bulgaria-customer-003


I saw in someone’s review that there was written “worm” inside the head, but that’s not here on mine:


Lumintop-Tool-AAA-reviews-by-bulgaria-customer-004 Lumintop-Tool-AAA-reviews-by-bulgaria-customer-005


I didn’t take pictures of the packaging – it comes in a fairly ordinary boxie and inside you can find a better plastic case. There are no papers or something, but it comes with two spare o-rings, which is better than papers, keyrings and stuff. So…. yeah, I love it AAA form factor; clip; clicky. What can be better.

Mine came lubed out of the packaging.

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