Panama Client Visited Our Company to Negotiate Business

With the expansion of international market share, Lumintop and its products are growing popular among foreign clients.

On Oct. 20th 2012, our Panama client visited our company to negotiate business. On his visit, the client planned to further examine our company’s strenth and purchase our products for Panama police force.

After being warmly received by our company leader, the client learnt more about our main products and had an in-depth exchange of views with our technician on technical issues. The client showed strong interest throughout communication and product demo. Throughout the reception, the client praised our products, culture and team with positive comments (such as “perfect”) for many times.

The Panama client has reached a purchse intent to purchase over 1000 pieces for the first batch with us on his visit.

At the end of the visit, the client said he was happy to have made a visit to our company and thanked us for our warm and considerate reception. Besides, our good work enviroment, well-organized production process, strict quality control and lastest product technology also made a deep impression on the client.

The visit not only enhanced communication between us and our foreign clients, but also laid a solid foundation for Lumintop to further expand international market share.

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