The Lumintop SD75: A Perfect Combination of Utility and Style

The Lumintop SD75 is a high quality flashlight, which gives several positive opportunities to many manufacturers.  It can be used for showing light at far distances. It is handy, if you are in an emergency.  The base is deep, and heavily textured, and comes with a high emitter, and aids in focusing to a high degree.  It enables high output of light.  It is highly suitable for throw applications, as it shapes light at a distance up to 652 meters, enabled by the deep micro textured reflector.  The bulb is Cree XHP70 led.  Lumintop SD75 utilizes precisely a 50,000- hour lifetime.  The amount of hours Lumintop SD75 can run varies, based on how many lumens are in place.  With 4000 lumens, Lumintop SD75 can run for 2.68 hours.  If a Lumintop SD75 has 1800 lumens, it can run for 8.33 hours.  If a Lumintop SD75 has 150 lumens, it can run for 50 hours.


The Lumintop SD75 flashlight has four strobes, for low, middle, and high degree.  This controls the level of brightness.  It has a built-in memory for the last mode.  Lumintop is run on 4 x 18650 batteries, which are not included with the product.  The batteries are charged with the intelligent Li-ion circuit.  Proper battery installation is ensured by the featured reversed polarity protection. The voltage level starts a 5.6, and can get up to 8.4 volts.


The Lumintop SD75 weighs 29.3 ounces, without batteries.  It is 9.76 inches in length.  Its head diameter is 3.54 inches, and the body diameter measures at 2.05 inches.  Lumintop SD75 does not scratch easily, and is made of aerospace aluminum alloy; this material is high- strength.  Its silo- integrated structure is consistent, and heat is easily dissipated.  Lumintop has a double-side AR coated, tempered window, which resists impact, and thermal shock.  This enables transmission of light to the maximum level.  Lumintop SD75’s front switch is easy to access, is multi-function, and can be operated with only one hand.  The switch simply turns the flashlight on and off, by lifting, and lowering.  Lumintop SD75 contains an integrated camera.  This camera has a thread mounting point, which can be used on standard tripods, as an exterior light, as well as a fixed means of lighting.  This flashlight is impact resistant, as well as waterproof.


The Lumintop SD75 flashlight comes with several accessories.  Each flashlight comes with one charger.  Also included is a car charger cable.  One LED light bulb is included with Lumintop SD75.  Additionally, each Lumintop SD75 comes with two O-rings.  The flashlight also comes in a case, with metal hinges and closing clasp, as well as a metal handle.


Lumintop SD75 serves much potential in the market.  It is handy, when you experience power outages.  It can stand up on its own, and be used as a candle.  This is a more efficient, and safer option, as it last, and prevents a potential fire.  This makes it easier to go to sleep, when the electricity is not functioning.  Also, it makes it possible to be able to read when it is dark.  Lumintop SD75 can also aid those in the military, when engaging in activities, in dark areas, or in evening emergencies.  It is helpful to those who serve in law careers, such as police, and security guards, as it can spot people at far distances.  Lumintop SD75 is a helpful aid to those who like to go camping.  It is nice to have for a long evening hike, when you have to go through areas with little moonlight.  Lumintop SD75 can be helpful if you are stuck outside during a rain shower, as it is water resistant. Photographers can also benefit from using Lumintop SD75.  Many occupations will find this product to be an advantage.