The Lumintop SD75: A Perfect Combination of Utility and Style

If you’re looking for a flashlight to use for searching or other activities which require unbeatable durability and reliability, top-class technical specifications, and a host of handy extra features, then look no further. Lumintop’s SD75 combines great affordability with creative design and unfailing quality to bring you an exemplary flashlight which is the best in its class.


Ergonomic Design
At first glance the SD75 is a striking study in utilitarian beauty, its 247mm length of aerospace aluminium alloy hard-anodized with a black anti-scratch finish. It can be held comfortably in the hand due to a grip of concentric checkerboard patterning, and features an integrated silo heat dissipation system that ensures maximum efficiency and safety. The on/off button is crowned with a raised surround that makes it easy to find in the dark, and protects the button from accidental activation.

No-Frills Operation
We believe that equipment should be intuitive to operate, and the SD75 has a simple system; push and hold to turn on the flashlight, and click to progress through high, medium, and low levels of illumination. A double click will activate the powerful and rapid strobe function. There is also modal memory: if you switch the flashlight off in the ‘medium’ mode, when you turn it back on again, it will automatically resume in the same mode.

SD75 A Perfect Combination of Utility and Style

Superlative Specifications
The SD75 delivers a stunning maximum of 4,000 lumens, offering outstanding output for a light of its size. It produces a crisp beam in good focus, with excellent throw and a well-defined hot-spot. It features the latest in flashlight technology with an XHP70 four-quadrant emitter die topped with a small dome. This sits at the bottom of a deep micro-textured reflector, with a lens coated with anti-glare finish. For those of us that are less technically minded, this means that the SD75 produces a beam of light which can reach up to 652 metres, illuminating your search area with ease.

Innovative Power
Holding four 18650 cells, the Lumintop SD75 battery unit, unlike many flashlights in its class, can be charged while inside the unit. This means you simply have to unscrew the scalloped tail cap to reveal the easy-to-read power interface, and plug in the power cable, clicking the button to start the charging process. The ascending series of LEDs which will begin to register the charge can also be used to check the level of battery remaining with a simple click of the same button. The flashlight will operate for an impressive 2.68 hours on high beam, and an even more astounding 50 hours on the low setting.

Creative Utility
As well as the innovative power features, Lumintop have used their significant creative power to maximise the utility of the SD75, including two USB power outlets in the interface under the tail cap. This means that the flashlight can be used as a power bank, with the 1 amp port ideal for devices such as cell phones and cameras, and the 2 amp port providing an optimum charging source for higher drain equipment like tablets or laptops. Wherever you are, the SD75 will provide you with the ultimate in convenience and performance.

Generous Additional Items
Included in the robust metal-hinged carry case is an AC power cable and transformer, a handy in-car charge cable so you’re never stuck without power in your flashlight, a warranty card, a wallet-sized squeeze light so you’re prepared for every situation, and one more extra which is our favourite: it’s a flexible-necked floodlight which plugs into the USB port on the base of the main flashlight. When stood upright the arrangement produces useful illumination for a variety of situations.

Overall, Lumintop’s SD75 is a flashlight apart. With its stylish, robust, and high quality design, and second-to-none performance with innovative utility, it’s the ideal flashlight for any activity that requires far-reaching illumination.