The Lumintop Worm is a powerful little light

Introduction: So, there you are – it’s a dark and stormy night and you’re watching your favorite show on TV when all of the sudden the screen goes blank, the lights fizzle and die… and you’re left all alone in with the dark, the steady drumming of rain and the occasional peal of thunder. What do you do? There’s really only one thing to do – reach down to your keychain and reach for your new Lumintop Worm, and let the darkness flee in abject terror.


Embellished anecdotes aside -let’s take a good look at the Lumintop Worm (1xAAA) flashlight – a powerful little flashlight with some big personality. The AAA flashlight market has quite a few members across several brands, but word on the street is that Lumintop makes some of the best, so we’re going to zoom in on them today. Typically I’ve ignored these small-battery flashlights in the past – preferring more power (and more clunk) to these small guys, but let me tell you – these petite torches pack a big punch and are a great addition to any flashlight arsenal.


The Specs: Expect great things when dealing with CREE LEDs; and this situation’s no different. The Worm sports two output modes of 10 and 60 lumens, with an estimated runtime of 4 and 1 hours, respectively. The size is just a wee bit under 3 inches, and the weight is negligible.  Pricing for the Worm is sitting right under $30 at most retailers. The body is made of lightweight aluminum (though evidently there are stainless steel versions of this light out there as well.)

The Lumintop Worm is a powerful little light-1


Overview: The Lumintop Worm is a powerful little light – the purported 60 lumens on the packaging doesn’t sound all that impressive on paper, but when you see all those lumens crammed into and coming out of that little head, it’s surely a sight to behold. But before even taking a look at that aspect, the light itself has a distinct look – quite different from any other handlight I’ve ever seen. Instead of the typical knurling seen on most flashlights, it is instead covered with a series of raised rings covering the body – a curious look for a flashlight, but it’s a look that grows on you.


The rings that cover the light actually provide a good amount of grip, all things considered – it makes for a somewhat strange feel under the fingers, but this is not something that effects the overall performance. Ironically, these rings make a superior grip for those situations where hands free is needed and the only option is to hold it in your mouth whilst working. Overall, this is a one-handed flashlight, but it does take a little tact and practice to turn on without using both hands – the lack of a click switch in favor of a twist style operation is somewhat unfortunate, but twist on/off is somewhat standard operating procedure among these small flashlights across all brands and does has the benefit of completely eliminating the possibility of a phantom power drain for those who may keep the Worm around as an emergency or backup light in the bottom of a backpack or glove box where they may be seldom used. It is somewhat dismaying to go into the glove box after the light you put there months ago only to find that a phantom drain has left you without lighting in a tough spot – the twist on and off feature eliminates such potential problems. That stated, I honestly would prefer a click tail cap feature, even if I had to loosen the cap between long periods of disuse – but Lumintop does have similar models that have remedied this shortfall.

 The following image is previous versions, we will update the image for new versions asap.

The Lumintop Worm is a powerful little light5


The most apparent uses for this light are as an emergency backup in storage or as a lifesaver on a keychain during situations where another flashlight isn’t available. This is by no means a knock or con for the light: It’s got a purpose, and it does a dang good job at said purpose. General purpose tools face the danger of being generally useless, specialized tools like the Worm do their job better than any other. Need a rubber meets the road example? This would be a great light to keep in the glove compartment of every vehicle you own where it can be deployed in any situation that may arise. Dressed up for a date, a flashlight is the last thing on your mind, and your car breaks down? You’ll be glad you had it, look like an ultra-prepared handyman in the process, and earn some brownie points with the girlfriend. See a fun or exciting animal on the roadside, but left your heavy duty torch at home? This’ll have what you need to illuminate the situation (literally and figuratively speaking.) Dog have to make a late-night potty run? Avoid the stumbling and bring your Worm with you.


It’s also worth mentioning, that is you’re into astral photography or any other night-time shooting, a small light like this is essential. Larger lights wont have quite as low of an output mode, will ruin your night vision and mess up your exposure, but the low setting on the Worm will allow easy visualizing of the controls and the dexterity afforded by only having a small light. The output and throw are perfect for illuminating a foreground subject in astral photography, and for those who do photographic light painting at night, the light provides just the right amount of illumination. The light is also capable of standing up on end for cases where there just aren’t any free hands.


Like most flashlights nowadays, the Lumintop is water resistant – the packaging claims 2 meters (~6.5 feet for my fellow ‘Muricans), so while it probably wouldn’t be an acceptable dive light (and in my experience LEDs, even CREEs, have trouble penetrating water as well as halogens), it will be able to take the abuse of rain, fog and humidity in any of the world’s non-aquatic habitats.


Pros and Cons:


-Without a doubt, the Worm is perfect for what it’s made for: a reliable Backup, good for emergencies and situations where overwhelming amounts of light aren’t ideal.

-Easy to use one handed

-Sturdy construction

-Extremely bright for its size and energy source

-The price can’t reasonably be beat



-There aren’t too many cons, unless you’re expecting something that a AAA-powered flashlight simply cannot do given the current technology.

-Some users would prefer a click switch at the end as opposed to the twist on; but even this consideration has its own pros and cons.



This is one of the few flashlights that I can firmly say that everybody needs. Not everyone needs a sun-like beacon to light up subjects on the near side of the moon; not everyone benefits from a blazing headlamp (or is willing to deal with the shaming from friends and passersby). But everyone, to a person, needs a small light like this for just-in-case scenarios, and the Lumintop Worm is a great option, powered by a single AAA battery – a battery type that is universally easy to acquire anywhere in the world. Do yourself a favor and buy one (or several) – when the situation arises you will be.