The SD75: Leading the Way in Flashlight Evolution

Lumintop SD75 (XHP70, 4×18650):

The SD75 is highest power brightest rechargeable LED flashlight introduced by Lumintop with an astonishing 4,000 lumens of brightness of the latest Cree XHP70 emitter. It is a long distance 652 meters waterproof USB searching flashlight used for search and rescue. The awesome product utilizes the full-size front side button switch; you can make it work without difficulty. This light makes use of Direct Thermal Path Copper MCPCB as well as a consistent silo integrated structure which guarantee the greatest heat dissipation at fabulous brightness. Moreover, the thoughtful design of car charger functions used for charging the SD75 flashlight in the car and the power back functions bring easiness to you in an emergency situation. The product comes in an elegant carrying case with charger, O-ring, car charger cable, 12VCD car adapter, LED light, warranty card and manual.

Features SD75:

  • Flashlight utilizes the newest Cree XPH70 LED:

This amazing flashlight utilizes the newest Cree XPH70 LED with 50,000 hour lifetime.

  • Product has 4 modes:

It has 4 modes High, Medium, Strobe and Low. The output mode of this product is High (4000 lumens in 2 hours 41 minutes), Medium (1800 lumens in 8 hours 20 minutes), Low (150 lumens in 50 hours). The default mode is Low.


  • Highest beam intensity:

The highest beam intensity of this light is 106,200cd as well as throwing distance of up to 652 meters.

  • Li-ion batteries:

SD75 light can be operated with 4x 18650 Li-ion batteries and intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit.

  • Direct thermal path copper MCPCB:

This flashlight uses direct thermal path copper MCPCB. Moreover, it includes reliable silo integrated structures, guarantee the greater heat dissipation.

  • Reverse polarity:

The reverse polarity safety feature is premium to defend from inappropriate battery installation and the full size front side switch interface gives simple operation as well as the uncomplicated right to use the full functions of the product.

  • User utilizes the flashlight on tripods:

The product comes with built-in camera type thread mounting point designed for users to utilize the flashlight on tripods as an outdoor light.

  • Aerospace aluminum alloy:

Highest power, aerospace aluminum alloy manufactured with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade solid-anodized finish.

  • Micro-textured reflector:

The product includes accurate micro-textured reflector, tempered glass lens (99% transmittance) and Double-side AR coated.

  • Stores last mode accessed:

The intelligent memory function of the product stores last mode accessed and this flashlight is able to standing up strongly on smooth surfaces.

  • Attach with flexi-head USB:

SD75 comprise 2x USB power outputs (1A/2A) as well as attach with flexi-head USB.

  • Resistance to 1.5 meters:

Impact resistance to 1.5 meters as well as waterproof in agreement with IPX8 (2 meters).


  • Output is 4000 lumens.
  • Runtime of product is 50 hours.
  • Charging and battery voltage of the product is 6V-8.4/ 12V.
  • The type of battery is 4x 18650 Li-ion batteries (2S2P).
  • Maximum beam distance is 650 m.
  • Highest beam intensity is 106,200 candelas.
  • Length of the product is 248mm.
  • Body diameter is 52mm.
  • Head diameter is 90mm.
  • Weight is 831 without batteries.



  • This splendid, powerful LED flashlight eliminates the requirement of many LEDs. You will find it reliable, smother, intense and much more even beam.
  • The SD75 flashlight is completely waterproof as compared with its competitors and it can submersible in water to a depth of 2 meters.
  • Two USB power output ports (1x1A/1x2A) has been used you can use it to charge any gadget or smartphone through USB.
  • SD75 built-in in the strong aluminum carry case, you will definitely get a flexi- head USB light add-on that can be slotted into single USB ports to give useful illumination.


  • This flashlight has a battery charge indicator in the tail cap in order that you can become aware that how much charge has left in the batteries.
  • Product comes with a 12V car charging cable and Australian standard wall adaptor to provide better flexibility while charging.
  • The battery pointer on the tail will access ramp through of the levels to point out comparative charge status throughout charging.
  • You can charge the batteries in-light, just plug in the barrel-plug connector that can be connected to AC or DC power.
  • The control button use of the product has a little raised metal ring, serving you find it via touch.
  • This light display extremely perfect output/runtime effectiveness, with excellent regulation, such as gradual drop-off and mix up of flat stabilized.


  • 18650 Li-ion cells used in the product do not support a number of CR123A primary cells.
  • The in-light charger in the product can be terminated; there is need of a re-plug/un-plug step almost one time.

How to use this product:

  • This LED light uses the standard Lumintop interface. You can just press-and-hold the switch in order to activate the light or turn it off.
  • The Mode sequence of the product is low, medium and high, in a repetitive loop upon repeated clicks of the switch. Light contain mode memory as well as maintains the final level when you press-hold off and on cycle.
  • There is a quick double-click of the switch as on activates strobe. However, there is no memory used for strobe and one click exits.


This SD75 LED flashlight is a slight extra considerable light comes with a somewhat deeper reflector as well as extensive body to house the tail cap circuit system and they are anodized. Screw threads are triangular cutest, but look like superior quality. If you require a large, great beam that throws light over long distances. Its highest power, aerospace alloy structure along with hard-anodized finish help out make this more convenient and flexible flashlights. It is the best option for those who require an outstanding variety of features in heavy-duty and high-output light, the SD75 flashlight is surely an ideal choice.