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“Lumintop” trademark had been registered in China, USA and Europe.

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Utility Model Patent & Design Patent

Light-emitting diode (LED) flashlight side button dimming device Patent NO.:CN 202835264 U

The utility model relates to the technical field of switches, in particular to a light-emitting diode (LED) flashlight side button dimming device. The LED flashlight side button dimming device is characterized by comprising a negative electrode spring, a negative electrode copper cap, a powersupply negative electrode, a side button, a side button silica gel cap, a printed circuit board (PCB) support, a switch,an insulating block, a switch pressing ring, a tail end pressing ring, a tail and tail buttons. The negative electrode spring is connected with the power supply negative electrode which is contacted with the negative electrode copper cap. The LED flashlight side button dimming device is easy to operate, and the tail double buttons are humanized.


Magnetic ring dimming device for LED electric torch
Patent NO.:CN 2024033193 U

The utility model discloses a magnetic ring dimming device for an LED electric torch. The magnetic ring dimming device comprises an electric torch tail, a PCB switch assembly with a Hall element, and a magnet, with the magnet and the Hall element disposed in the same direction. The magnetic ring dimming device also comprises a rotation spring, a guide pillar, a guide block and an operation ring for realizing a rotation function. The magnetic ring dimming device has the advantages of easy operation, small magnetic disturbance and mechanical automation performance.


Light-emitting diode (LED) submarine light
Patent NO.:CN 203115527 U

The utility model relates to an illuminating apparatus applying a high-voltage LED design. The illuminating apparatus comprises a single-stage PFC boost power supply, a plurality of constant-current diodes, and a plurality of LED light strings. Each of the LED light strings is connected in series with one corresponding constant-current diode to form one branch circuit; and a plurality of branch circuits are connected in parallel between an output positive terminal and an output negative terminal of the single-stage PFC boost power supply. According to the illuminating apparatus, the high-voltage output of the single-stage PFC boost power supply is connected to the LED light strings, all the LED light strings are connected in series with the corresponding constant-current diodes, and all the LED light strings are independent to each other. Therefore, problems of high cost, low input power factor and low power supply efficiency of the traditional LED device are solved; and when any LED of any LED light string fails to work, normal work of other LED light strings is not influenced.


Electronic control system of TD (Time delay) 45 bilateral switch
Patent NO.:CN 202546672 U

The utility model relates to the technical field of switches, in particular to the field of LED (Light-emitting diode) flashlight bilateral switch electronic control systems. A TD (Time delay) 45 bilateral switch comprises a cathode spring, an anode copper ring, a PCB (Printed circuit board), a clamping ring, a silica gel button, a light touch switch, a PCB bracket, an LED illuminator and a head cabin. The electronic control system has a simple structure and is convenient to operate.


LED Flashlight (X10)
Patent NO.:CN 302580363 S

Designs Name: Flashlight (X10). Design Usage: The product used for one night with lights on firearms field.
Design design elements: the product design point is that the shape of the product design, the best
performance of the design point of view is that the main products.


LED Dive Flashlight (D10)
Patent NO.:CN 302633790 S

Designs Name: LED Dive flashlight (D10). Design Usage: The product used for illumation 150m unterwater.

Certificate of Utility Model Patent Certificate of Design Patent

Patent No. CN202546672 U Patent NO.CN 202835264 U


Patent NO.CN 203115527 U Patent NO.CN 302580363 S

Patent NO.CN 302633790 S Patent NO.CN 2024033193 U


CE certificate OHIM Certificate of lumintop Registration

Certificate led flashlight patent

flashlight patent certificate LED torch patent certificate

China lumintop trademark Registration USA luminol trademark registration


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