Why Lumintop Tool AAA is Your Ultimate Flashlight

If you are looking for a perfect portable mini LED keychain flashlight then the Lumintop Tool AAA is your best option. This is the newest 1xAAA flashlight from Lumintop that features a rare tailcap clicky switch. Lumintop Tool AAA is just 3.2 inches long and weighs less than an ounce yet it produces a powerful 110 lumens floodlight with 3 brightness levels using only a single AAA battery. While most flashlights of similar size have pathetic light output, Lumintop Tool AAA has a nice beam that is incomparable to its size. This has been made possible by Lumintop top-notch technology that has seen success over recent years.


This latest model of Lumintop tool, uses the XP-G2 LED with 3 modes instead of it predecessor which uses the XP-G with 2 modes. While you will be impressed at its negligible volume and weight, it is its superb high reliability and durability that will amaze you completely. There are two ways in which to change modes. One way is to tighten or loose the head and the other clicking the tail switch to turn on/off when the light is on, press the switch with ease to select the mode you want. Lumintop Tool AAA has 3 modes Mid/Low/High but has no mode memory which is understandable.




Lumintop Tool AAA is your ultimate flashlight if you want something that can fit in your pocket or purse without being noticeable. It comes with high quality detachable two-way stainless steel clip which makes it sturdy and keeps a secure grip if fastened onto your cap or pocket. This miniature flashbulb is able to produce a smooth, optimized beam due to its precision micro-textured reflector. Moreover, it has double-side AR crusted, hardened window resists thermal shock and impact, giving it 99% light transmittance. This flashlight is made of high strength aerospace aluminum alloy with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade hard anodized finish. It has a magnetic tail that makes it possible for the flashlight to be attached vertically on any iron surface.


As said earlier, this model has a quality design that is unmatched by most flashlights of equal size. The tail switch is easy to use and has a nice feel to it. However, time will tell how much it can handle abuse. Considering the expensive design of the Lumintop Tool AAA, it is believe it can stand as much abuse as possible. It was designed for outdoor use, thus it can withstand falling and it is water resistant. The emitter is perfectly centered enabling to produce perfect beam.


Lumintop Tool AAA uses a Cree XP-G2 LED emitter.  While a single AAA can’t make Tool AAA produce its maximum output, it’s still very resourceful, and puts the output control on the battery, where it should be. While most people are traditionally use to 2xAAA flashlights, this 1xAAA EDC flashlight enables it to be much smaller and well-liked by people who like to keep simple. It is easy to carry and durable as well.