Why the Lumintop SD75 is a must-have device?



The revolutionary and legendary LUMINTOP SD75 creates a monster light, capable of producing a staggering 4000 lumens. It throws its light an amazing 650 meters. The LUMINTOP SD75 is ideal for those involved in rescue and search missions, or those that work on land needing to light up vast areas. This tool will surely help you cut through darkness.


Undoubtedly, the LUMINTOP SD75 is loaded with excellent features that make it stand out in terms of versatility and quality. This flashlight uses Cree’s brand new XHP70. It’s extremely powerful LED technology eliminates any need for many LEDs. This means that users enjoy a concentrated, smoother and even more beam.


Compared to its higher priced competitors, this ultimate tool is submersible in water (close to two meters) and is fully waterproof. The LUMINTOP SD75 boasts a powerful aerospace alloy construction as well as a hard-anodized finish. This combination makes it top in the list of most resilient and durable flashlights in the market today. Simply put, it is built tough!


Users get to enjoy a battery charge indicator to quickly know how much charge is left in the batteries. On top of this, the flashlight has double USB power outputs. So how do these two outputs come in handy? Well, they are of great help when you want to charge any device including your smartphone. The powerful flashlight has both a twelve-volt charging cable and an Australian-standard wall adaptor to offer more flexibility when charging.


Without any cloud doubt, the LUMINTOP SD75 is the brand new benchmark when it comes to handheld searchlights. Do you need a powerful and big beam that emits massive amounts of light over vast distances? Then this is the ultimate and complete package.




Main features

  • 4 different modes – The SD75 has four modes to meet all your requirements – Low, Mid, High, and Strobe
  • Cree XHP70 LED – It generates 4000 Lumens worth of brightness at high and strobe modes
  • IPX-8 waterproof standard – This incredible feature protects against water submersion up-to 2m
  • Two stylish designs – The ‘Car Charger design’ enables it to charge in your car while the ‘External power source’ helps to power up your cameras or phones in case of an emergency
  • Profound micro-textured reflector – This feature is necessary to outline light to a far-reaching optimized beam (a maximum of 652m)
  • Integrated camera type-thread mounting point – Helps users use it on standard tripods for fixed illumination or as an exterior light

The following features make the implausible SD75 the superlative professional tactical searchlight:

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • One handed operation
  • Tail stand capacity
  • Vast memory function
  • Time-based intelligent thermal management
  • Consistent silo integrated structure
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Tempered window


The following are the specifications of the SD75:

  • Weight – (831g (29.3oz))
  • Head diameter – (90mm (3.54inch))
  • Length – (248mm (9.76inch))
  • Maximum beam distance – (652 meters)
  • Peak beam intensity – (106,200 candelas)
  • Battery type – (4 x 18650 Li-ion battery (2S2P))
  • Two USB outputs – (5V1A / 5V2A)
  • Charging voltage/battery voltage – (6V-8.4V / 12V)
  • Maximum runtime – 50 hours
  • Maximum output – (4000 lumen)
  • LED chip – (1 x Cree XHP70 LED)


  • Charger
  • O-ring
  • LED light
  • Car charge cable

Why choose the Lumintop SD75

Clearly, buying this flashlight is worth your hard-earned money. That being said, if you take part in any of the following functions, you need to or should purchase the SD75:

  • Rescue
  • Hiking
  • Exploring
  • Search
  • Household use
  • Law enforcement
  • Military and tactical
  • Seeking survival
  • Camping

Get your Lumintop SD75 today and discover the magic!